Public Works

Mission Statement – The public works department’s mission is to maintain the city streets, city parks, Riverside Cemetery, provide safe potable water and water for fire fighting, provide waste water treatment that meets or exceeds the discharge limits set by the Department of Natural Resources, maintain and repair city vehicles and equipment all this in a satisfactory condition so as not to affect the safety, health and welfare of the citizens

Services Provided

The public works department is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of a 17 mile roadway system for the safe and efficient use by the citizens and visitors to our community. The public works department maintains and manages the upkeep of a 23 mile water distribution system, 18 mile sanitary sewer system and a 15 mile storm sewer system.  Public Works provides maintenance and up keep to all city parks, the industrial park and boat launch. The public works department completes the safe and efficient removal of garbage. Recyclable products are collected through a city recycling contractor. In addition, the public works department handles city zoning administration, forestry, tree management and oversees the building permit process.

The public works staff is available Monday through Friday 7am to 3:30 pm. The public works office phone number is 715-886-7889. Please mail all correspondence to City Hall.

Public Works Department

Phone: (715) 886-7889